"Yoga is the journey of the self. Through the self. To the self."

It all started when...

The original purpose of yoga was to develop self-awareness and higher consciousness, training the body and mind to observe inwardly and develop self awareness of one's true nature. 

We've taken these core philosophies, evolved to modern day meanings and created the Awesome Yoga Formula. The AYF individual programs are customized for your yogic journey, whether you are a teacher or a student.


The Awesome Yoga Formula Mentorship is for yogis who want to go beyond the foundations they've learned in class.

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of yoga. Learn powerful physical, mental and energetic techniques from the ancient teachings that will transform your life by releasing the habits that zap your energy and hold you back.

In this customized, unique training you will learn how to get really clear on what you desire for ALL areas of your life. Once that's in place, together we help you create an inspired action plan so you'll know exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to go. We support your vision, take you through energetic expansions, and show you powerful processes so you can create your life on a high purposeful level.

If you are feeling the nudge for something more, something deeper, this training is for you.

We take the best of the best and train you, so you get the leverage of our learning without investing the years. As a one to one mentorship, we are available to you during the entire time, supporting you to master yogic principles to clear auric energy, create prosperity, freedom and meaning in your life.

The work you do in this mentorship translates into your yoga practice and well beyond. You're not just deepening your physical yoga practice, you're investing in a life transformation.

This mentorship isn't for everyone. It's a commitment. It's a deep inner exploration, a one-on one program that will be a turning point for you, guaranteed.

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The confident decision maker formula

Imagine waking tomorrow without stress and anxiety. You cruise through the day without struggle, knowing how to make choices that bring you closer to the life you really want.

Whether you are deciding the next step in your yoga career or the next step in your life, knowing how to make bold, confident decisions is imperative. Your daily decisions, big and small, can powerfully and significantly shift your experiences.

There is a simple, straightforward method to becoming a deliberate creator of a more awesome life. In this 21 day program "podcourse," we give you the right tools to get unstuck, become empowered and move into an exciting future you really want.

A podcourse? Yes! You will get bite sized audio trainings delivered in a conversational style, like a podcast, so you can listen in and learn with ease. This course is so easy to digest because you'll be entertained while we show you exactly how to implement the Confident Decision Maker method in your real life situations. Simple, effective, life changing.