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This course is for any yoga teacher, newly trained or seasoned, who wants more practical training. It provides the step by step instruction needed to help you take the leap into building a career that works for you and to teach with more power and confidence.

Here is a brief overview of what you will get from this training:

You will LEARN:

  • The 3 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS for creating an inspiring class

  • Secrets for delivering an IMPACTFUL CLASS THEME

  • The single most important thing to include in each of your YOGA BIOs

  • Step by step instructions to build perfect UNIQUE PLAYLISTS

  • Our simple system to develop YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE


  • Your next step toward the yoga career that works for YOU

This 10 day journey takes you from knowledge to action. It is practical and energy based, leveraging chakra energy. We review the basics, starting with foundations, and then move you into higher levels of mastery.  Like the chakras, each lesson builds on the previous one, which builds your confidence and expertise.

You will gain high value as a teacher with an advanced certification beyond 200 hours. When you know your next steps and how to do them, you can have a sense of ease and confidence.

Our simple system using a created catalog of yoga themes, pose families, vignettes and a reusable repertoire of unique, signature sequences gives you freedom to enjoy your days doing what you love and the joy helping others, attracting raving fans and full classes.

The AWESOME Yoga Mentorship

The Awesome Yoga Mentorship is a system that bridges the gap between what you’ve learned and what you still yearn to know.

Mentorship is the beginning of extraordinary mastery. It will guide you toward a deeper understanding of your practice as a way of life and find freedom to create whatever you want in this lifetime.

This training gives you 20-30 CEUs toward satisfying your Yoga Alliance certification requirements.


Take a deep dive into the true magic of yoga. Teaching thousands of classes and countless trainings, we’ve compiled simple, powerful and proven steps to make lasting changes. These are time tested yogic practices that fill the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Find the missing piece, learn to trust your inner guide, live your dharma.

  • Five live coaching sessions

  • Lifetime access to audios and guidebook

  • Downloadable tools, worksheets and recommendations

  • Two 1:1 private coaching sessions with Catherine


Imagine waking tomorrow without stress and anxiety. You cruise through the day without struggle, knowing how to make choices that bring you closer to the life you really want.

Whether you are deciding the next step in your yoga career or the next step in your life, knowing how to make bold, confident decisions is imperative. Your daily decisions, big and small, can powerfully and significantly shift your experiences.

There is a simple, straightforward method to becoming a deliberate creator of a more awesome life. In this 21 day program "podcourse," we give you the right tools to get unstuck, become empowered and move into an exciting future you really want.

A podcourse? Yes! You will get bite sized audio trainings delivered in a conversational style, like a podcast, so you can listen in and learn with ease. This course is so easy to digest because you'll be entertained while we show you exactly how to implement the Confident Decision Maker method in your real life situations. Simple, effective, life changing.