We show yoga teachers how to confidently lead powerful, transformative classes.

We give yogis the tools to take their yoga vibe off the mat and into daily life, to live fulfilling and rewarding lives.  



We've spent decades studying yoga, subtle energy, and mind body systems. We have distilled the most powerful practices into actionable formulas that we teach you in our courses and mentorships, showing hundreds of people how to combine these ancient healing modalities with the latest neuro technologies to find balance, strength and purposeful direction in their lives. We can show you too.


Our intention is to show you exactly how YOU can use the technologies of yoga to overcome the obstacles you face today, in your career and life. As a yoga teacher, that will differentiate you from the average; and as a yoga student, it will empower you to live a deeper and more fulfilling life. 


From a place of empowerment, you can go wherever you want, create whatever you want. As your life changes, you will naturally become an instrument for powerful change in other people's lives. 

It was the chance of a lifetime to be mentored by someone who spoke the language of my heart and healed the rawest parts of my soul. My physical, mental and energetic transformation is astonishing.
— Val Kane, RYT200, Registered Yoga Teacher