"When one teaches, two learn."

It all started when...

The original purpose of yoga was to develop self-awareness and higher consciousness, training the body and mind to observe and develop self awareness of one's true nature. 

We've taken these core philosophies, evolved to modern day meanings and created the Awesome Yoga Formula. The AYF individual programs are customized for your yogic journey, whether you are a teacher or a student.


The Awesome Yoga Formula Mentorship is for yoga teachers who want to go beyond the foundations they've learned in class and teacher training.

The AYF is a unique system that shows you exactly what you need to teach and live dynamic yoga. Going beyond the average trainings that sometimes skim over the practicalities of teaching, we walk you through, step by step, so you are confident in how to conduct a class and build a career - from your playlist to your marketing.


Yoga's ancient holistic system for optimum health and happiness is based on the triad of mind, body and spirit. The AYF mentorship combines this triad of physical, mental and energetic, setting it apart from other trainings. It uniquely prepares you for the yoga career you envision, whatever you want it to look like. This is a true mentorship, customized for you. It includes the deeper aspects of yoga practice, personalizing exactly where you want to see the life changing essence of yoga in your life.

This mentorship is a comprehensive, unique program providing the foundation you need beyond your initial 200 hour training. Along with a review of the basics, you'll learn the practical aspects of teaching so you can hit the ground running after the training. There is no prerequisite to register and upon completion you will be certified in the Awesome Yoga Formula, equiping you to teach.

In tandem with high level practical teacher training, we weave in additional powerful physical, mental and energetic pieces which include energy healing, grounding and balancing. You will have the option for an auric clearing to release old patterns, programs and energies which can hold you back from your potential. Upon completion, you will become really skilled at using the triad system to teach and live dynamic yoga. The AYF is a 3 month program that includes 12 weekly sessions.

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Teach awesome yoga

This course is for any yoga teacher, newly trained or seasoned, who wants more practical training. It provides the step by step instruction needed to help you take the leap into building a career that works for you and to teach with more power and confidence.

This 10 day journey takes you from knowledge to action. It is both practical and energetic based. We review the basics, starting with foundations, and then move you into higher levels of mastery.  Like the chakras, each lesson builds on the previous one, which builds your confidence and expertise.

Here is a brief overview of what you will get from this training:

Day 1 -   Vision and clarity
Day 2 -   A guiding mission statement
Day 3  -  The two bios you need to grow your career
Day 4  -  Your Signature Class
Day 5  -  A Theme Bank
Day 6  -  Vignette segmenting to become a master at sequencing
Day 7 -   How to attract perfect students and private clients
Day 8 -   Creating custom playlists without spending time and money
Day 9 -   Actionable next steps to build your career
Day 10 -  Teaching, adjusting and cueing experience to teach dynamic yoga

This is a self-paced course which you have lifetime access to. It is available immediately when you register.