"When one teaches, two learn."

In a sea full of average, we’re teaching you to be extraordinary.

Our mission is to show you how to be the teacher you want to be so you can do what you love and do it well.

Here’s how we can help:


Teach Awesome Yoga is a comprehensive method the EXPEDITES YOUR EXPERTISE.

It’s the complete A-Z blueprint for creating and delivering awesome, inspiring classes so you can build a rewarding and profitable yoga career that works perfectly for YOU.

We show you step by step, exactly how to develop the personal skills you need to unlock the guru inside and feel confident and effective.

Love some help accessing that inner guru and unveil your genius?

To get started, here’s a free cheatsheet, Unveil Your Creative Genius, to help you revolutionize the very next class you teach. Click the button below to get your cheatsheet and to get details about Teach Awesome Yoga.



Don’t be vanilla.

Let’s be honest, much of the technical stuff can be learned in a textbook. (And that’s not the way yoga has been handed down through the centuries.) The true roots of yoga lie in the practical, spiritual, energetic and mental aspects as taught by experienced teachers who are doing the practice themselves.

Extraordinary, awesome yoga is so much more than just teaching the poses. To teach the deeper, stays with you off the mat, truly impactful kind of yoga you have to go beyond the asana.

If you want to go beyond the foundations you’ve learned in class or teacher training, this mentorship is for you.

It’s is HIGHLY individualized.

We fill the gaps where you feel you need the most clarity to

  • Refine your intuition
  • Correct unbalanced energy
  • Deepen your teaching skills
  • Define your next steps
  • Master meditation and pranayama
  • Manage your mentality
  • Strategically plan your career

The Awesome Yoga Formula Mentorship is a three month program, with weekly 1:1 sessions based on the objectives we determine together.

It's a commitment in your growth. It is a unique, organic program. It's a deep inner exploration that will be a turning point for you, guaranteed.

(This mentorship isn't for everyone, but it might be just what you’re looking for. You just may be more than you’ve known yourself to be.)

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