The Awesome Yoga Formula

The Awesome Yoga Formula taps into the wisdom traditions of yoga that lead you to your deepest inner power.

The original purpose of yoga was to develop self-awareness and higher consciousness, training the body and mind to observe inwardly and develop a deep understanding of your true nature. 

We've taken these core philosophies, evolved to modern day meanings, and created the Awesome Yoga Formula, customized for your yogic journey, whether you are a teacher or a student.


The Awesome Yoga Formula Mentorship is a three month training for yoga teachers and yogis who want to go beyond the foundations they've learned in class and teacher training.


The AYF is a unique system that shows you exactly what you need to teach awesome yoga. Going beyond the average trainings that skim over the practicalities of teaching and the deeper aspects of the practice, the AYF teaches you the very life changing essence of yoga.

We take a deep dive into the physical, mental and energetic practices of yoga and that is what sets it apart from other trainings. It uniquely prepares you for the yoga career you envision, whatever you want it to look like.

The mentorship is comprehensive and totally customized; we give you the secrets to create amazing classes. We show you how to truly become the teacher you know you were meant to be, different than the average teacher out there. And when you're done, you can hit the ground running; you will be certified in the Awesome Yoga Formula which is recognized by Yoga Alliance as continuing education credit.

The AYF mentorship is 3 months, including 12 weekly sessions and 3 modules. In tandem with high level practical teacher training, we weave in additional powerful physical, mental and energetic pieces. We show you time tested ways to release old patterns, programs and energies which can hold you back from your potential and meaningful life.


Deepen your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of yoga. Learn powerful physical, mental and energetic techniques from the ancient teachings that will transform your life by releasing the habits that zap your energy and hold you back.

In this customized, unique training you will learn how to get really clear on what you desire for ALL areas of your life. Once that's in place, together we help you create an inspired action plan so you'll know exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to go. We support your vision, take you through energetic expansions, and show you powerful processes so you can create your life on a high purposeful level.

If you are feeling the nudge for something more, something deeper, this training is for you.

We take the best of the best and train you, so you get the leverage of our learning without investing the years. As a one-on-one mentorship, we are available to you during the entire time, supporting you to master these powerful processes to clear auric energy, create prosperity, freedom and your true dharma.


The work you do in this mentorship translates into your yoga practice and well beyond. You're not getting a solution to a specific life challenge. You're investing in a life transformation, profound and lasting change - epic change.

This is a three month mentorship program. The cost is $2400.

This mentorship isn't for everyone. It's a commitment. It's a deep inner exploration that will be a turning point for you, guaranteed.

Availability is limited. To learn more and check space available, contact us by clicking below.