Beyond The Pose Coaching

I've taught thousands of yoga classes and taken countless trainings. But when I think about it, a few simple steps could have tremendously helped me on my journey.

These strategic steps are what we focus on in Beyond the Pose Coaching.

You want to do better. To live on purpose. You love the path of yoga and know it holds the keys to doing just that.

This program will take you deep into the time tested practices that you don't learn in class. You'll learn to strengthen intuition and connect to your inner guru. Learn to drop the patterns that aren't working for you anymore. Get guidance so you can begin living your truth, your dharma.

These are small hinges that swing big doors.  

Want to open some big doors? Let me be your guide. Join me in Beyond The Pose Summer 2019 and feel awesome about your life.



This program is for you if...

  • You feel stuck and want clear guidance from your soul.
  • You know there's a deeper journey and yearn to go from simple practice to life mastery.
  • You want to experience consistency, transformation and personal growth.
  • You are called to something extraordinary
  • You want to heal your body, mind and heart


You CAN learn to hear the voice of your soul, manage your mind and discover your dharma.

Here's what we will cover:

Defining Your Dream and Dharma

This is a gamechanger. I'll show you how to get crystal clarity on your vision and direction. You will skillfully assess and define what you want and why you want it.

Overcoming Your Obstacles

Don't allow unconscious limiters to sabatage your goals and dreams! Discover how to recognize and release patterns and beliefs that trip you up.

Leveraging Diet and Dosha

Do you know that what you eat can affect your mood next week? And that you have more microbial DNA than human DNA?? Learn how to support your body, gut health, dosha and mindful eating.

Staying on Course For Life

End the yo-yo syndrome of making mind, body and spiritual gains then backsliding. For lasting lifetime success, you'll learn how to keep your wins and stay on course with personalized, well defined tools and tune ups.

Personalized Action Plan

How do you get from where you are now to where you want to go? (Do you even know where you want to go?) Together we will create an inspired action plan for you.

Plugging Into Your Power

Powerful yogis know the secrets to beautiful, bountiful, blissful living. Here's how to demystify and apply the most potent practices and see serious results.

Cultivating Meditation

No need to study for years with a guru or pay big bucks to learn a potent meditation practice. Get our best "brain hacks" to transform your meditation experience and answer the question, "Am I doing it right?"

Managing Your Mentality

To keep you moving along your happy, healthy, holy dharmic path, you need to be strategic. You will get our favorite yogic based tactics for body, mind and soul to live a brilliant, balanced, healthy life.

"It was the chance of a lifetime to be mentored by someone who spoke the language of my heart and healed the rawest parts of my soul. My physical, mental and energetic transformation is astonishing."

- Val Kane, RYT200, Registered Yoga Teacher

"I started working with Catherine in the hope of finding a way to improve my quality of life amd it really has. Physically, mentally and spiritually. It's given me hope. I personally don't think I would be capable of fighting cancer as long as I have if I didn't have Catherine in my life."

- Paul Jones

"This program was highly customized for my specific objectives. I look back and say aha! I see how that works now. I was helped by having an accountability partner and given honest open feedback. I felt heard. I respect and enjoy her energy, genuineness and teaching style."

"The intangible personal and professional growth that comes from exploring the principles and practices of yoga encompasses so much beyond body movement and postures."

- Debi Huber, owner of Pilates an Beyond Studio, MAT Master Specialist


beyond-the-pose-buddhaThe training begins July16th. Join the weekly live training calls at 12:30 PST from wherever you are. All training calls will be recorded if you miss any you can listen at your convenience.

  • Five live coaching sessions
  • Two 1:1 private coaching sessions with me
  • Lifetime access to the training recordings
  • Action Guidebook with life tools

Upon registration you will receive a receipt and the Action Guidebook to start your journey Beyond the Pose.


What's Your Investment?

I'd been teaching asana for years, and a student was going through some really hard stuff in life. She wanted to find answers. She loved the way yoga made her feel and knew it could give her clarity, help her cope and thrive.

I coached her and she found the answers she had already inside herself but couldn't figure out on her own.

Since then, as a certified life coach I've been blessed to support dozens of people learn to hear the voice of their soul and find their inner guide. You can read their stories in my book, Yoga, Midlife Pain Relief Secrets.

Here are the details about Beyond The Pose Coaching program and how to get the transformation you seek.
  • This is an 5 week program. You get a weekly coaching session with me covering the strategic steps and how to implement them for lasting transformation. These sessions are virtual and interactive with live Q & A. They are recorded so if you miss one you can listen to the replay.
  • You also get 2 private coaching calls with me. These personalized, highly effective calls are the key to securing great results. In them we will define your vision and formulate your specific action plan so you can enjoy a balanced, fullfilling life of true purpose. YOUR purpose.
  • You get all the tools, downloadable pdfs and worksheets we use throughout the coaching course and to use throughout your lifetime. These will be life changing months - you will not be the same after this experience.

Beyond The Pose group coaching program is regularly an investment of just $599 for all seven coaching and training sessions, access to our premier private group calls and facebook group and all the tools you'll use to go from ordinary coping to extraordinary living.

For Summer 2019 I'm offering a discount incentive for members of the Awaken Awareness Challenge and new students. Keep the momentum going! Sign up now
$549 for the entire coaching program.

So... are you in?